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Born in 1978, Payidar Şeyma Alisir graduated from Işık University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Arts and Graphic Design. For many years, she worked as a Graphic Art Director in many fields such as Creative, Digital, Outdoor Agencies, TV, Series, Magazines. She participated many local and international group exhibitions.


2024, CI BLOOM, Vision Art Platform,  Istanbul, Turkey. 
2024, "Dejavu", Kepler Pavilion, İzmir, Turkey. 

2023, "Contemporary Istanbul 18", Difo Art, Istanbul, Turkey. 

2015, "No Stop Europa Giovani" Theatro Dei Dioscuri al Quirnale, Rome, Italy. 

2015, "Istanbul Exlibris Society", Largo Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria.

2014, "1st National Ex-libris Congress Exhibition", Turkey-Bulgaria-Poland. 

2014, "Women Artists Passing The Way Through Işık Fine Arts", Gallery Işık Teşvikiye, Istanbul, Turkey. 

2013, “9/90”, Permanent Delegation of Turkey to the European Union,  Brussel, Belgium. 

2013, “Özgür ve 90”, Turkish Embassy in Berlin, Germany. 

2013, “19 Young Turkish Artists", Muzeul de Arta, Constanza, Romania.

2011, “First International Exlibris Competition for Students and Creative People", Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

2011, “Young Communicators on the Path to EU Competition”, Istanbul, Turkey.

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